Павлодарский государственный университет им. С. Торайгырова 13 июня 2013 года проводит Республиканскую научно-практическую конференцию «I чтения Абдильдина», посвященную 80-летию д.ф.н., профессора, академика НАН РК Ж.Абдильдина. Подробнее

 Slambek Tauyekel's visit took place during the Days of Kazakh Cinema in Pavlodar region. The director showed one of his most famous movies Bayan Batyr (1993).


During his short visit to Pavlodar State University named after S.Toraighyrov, the director received a certificate of Honorary Professor of PSU named after S.Toraighyrov.


Slambek Tauyekel is the producer of such films as Makhambet (2008), Ata-Zhurt (2010), Makhambet's Sword (2006), the drama Zheruyk. The Promised Land (2011) He is also the director of the documentary Hello, Nauryz! (1991), The Lost Land (1992), Hymn to the Yurt (1991), Nauryz (1997), Asanali (1998),  Bіr Bala (2004), and other movies included in the golden fund of Kazakhstan cinema.


He was awarded the Order “Badge of Honor” (1978), he is the holder of the title “Outstanding Worker of Kazakhstan” (2008). Member and secretary of the Union of Cinematographers of Kazakhstan (1973).


The delegation, led by Slambek Tauyekel, consisted of a famous film and theater actor, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the holder of the Kurmet Order Bolat Abdilmanov, a prominent film critic, historian and film theorist Bauyrzhan Nogerbek, social activist Gabdynasyr Abdilmanov.


During the meeting Slambek Tauyekel gave thorough and detailed answers to students questions, shared his expert opinion about the current condition of the movie industry in Kazakhstan, recalled his first steps and the difficulties that arose before him.



Svoya Igra was held at PSU
2013-05-20 04:01:06

 This intellectual contest was organized by the youth public association Samryk and the Council of Young Specialists of Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant LLP.


The contest was conducted for school pupils of Pavlodar, PSU students and PPP staff.


The game has the following scheme: first, the participants have to go through the qualifying round. Those who take the first and the second place in the qualifying round automatically pass to the quarterfinal. After the quarterfinal goes semi-final and then final. The finalists must answer 45 questions on 9 topics.


The winner was Timur Kulumbenov from Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant LLP. The students of Pavlodar State University Ilya Nesterov and Alexandr Antontsev took the second and the third places respectively.


The Chairman of the Council of Young Specialists of Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant LLP Sayat Baygozhin congratulated the winners and awarded certificates and cash prizes.


According to one of the participants of the contest, lecturer of the Department of Sociology and Political Science at PSU named after S.Toraighyrov, Master of Social Science in Political Science Saliya Karimova, such “brainstorms” trains memory, reaction and develop logical thinking of young people.




 Ivan Shamyakin is one of the most reputed Belarusian writers. His first works were devoted to the theme of the Great Patriotic War. This theme kept appearing in his works even after the war was over. His novels were published in his native language, translated into Russian and other languages of the world and published abroad.


The event was attended by the members of the Inspiration club of Pavlodar State University. This club brings together all people who love poetry and prose, students and teachers of Pavlodar State University. The motto of the club: “The World is Seen through a Book”.


The specialist of the Sector of Imaginative Literature of the Scientific Library named after S. Beysembayev at PSU, the head of the Inspiration club Yelena Likhanova noted that such events help to develop respect for the literature.




14 мая 2013 года в Павлодарском государственном университете им. С.Торайгырова состоялся «День открытых дверей» для выпускников школ Успенского и Лебяжинского районов.

15 мая 2013г. Павлодарский государственный университет им. С. Торайгырова провёл девятую ежегодную Ярмарку выпускников 2013 г. в Городском Доме культуры им. Естая.

Студенческая команда Павлодарского государственного университета им. С.Торайгырова заняла II-ое командное место в V Республиканской предметной олимпиаде по специальности «Филология (русская филология)».

14 мая 2013 года в преддверии Дня университета в ПГУ им. С. Торайгырова состоялась Международная научно-практическая конференция на иностранных языках «Образование и наука без языковых барьеров»

 The Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of Pavlodar State University, Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor Nelli Pfeifer warmly welcomed the students of Irtysh Area in her opening speech. On behalf of the administration of the University and its teaching staff, she represented the oldest higher education institution of the Pavlodar region - Pavlodar State University.


Besides its administration, the University was also represented by the deans of all 10 faculties: the Dean of the Faculty of Metallurgy, Machine Building and Transport, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor Toleugazy Toktaganov; the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Construction, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor Marat Kuderin; the Dean of the Faculty of Energy Engineering, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor Aleksandr Kislov; the Dean of the Faculty of Finance and Economics, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Professor Takhir Yazdurdiyevich Ernazarov; the Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Natural Sciences, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Kanat Akhmetov; the Dean of the Faculty of History and Law, Doctor of Political Sciences, professor Arman Akishev; the Dean of the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technologies, Candidate of Physico-mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor Nurlybek Ispulov; the Dean of the Foundation Faculty, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor Ayzhan Kuderina; Vice-dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Education, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences Kuanysh Temirov; Head of the Department of Agrotechnology of the Faculty of Agriculture Technology, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Gulnara Kabzhanova.


The specific features of the scientific and research activity, cultural and social life of the University were explained by the Dean of the Faculty of History and Law Arman Akishev, the Dean of the Foudation Faculty Ayzhan Kuderina, a graduate of Irtysh area, Vice-dean of the Faculty of History and Law, Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor Amirgaly Begimtayev, a graduate of Irtysh area, the 3rd year student of the Standardization, Metrology and Certification bachelor program Aliya Kaliyeva, who studied at the Czech Technical University (Prague) within the Academic Mobility Program.


The performers and creative teams of the Student Philharmonic of PSU Rysbek Mausymbayev, Double-A vocal group (Ayaz Kassenov, Tungat Kastayev) showed their best vocal performance.


The Head of the Department of Education of Irtysh Area Zhuldyz Imanzhaparova attended this event and thanked the administration of the University for good organization.



С 29 апреля по 14 мая 2013 года в Павлодарском государственном университете им. С.Торайгырова пройдут лекции известного ученого, филолога с мировым именем, доктора Phd, доцента кафедры английского языка Луивильского университета (г. Луивиль, штат Кентукки, США) Мэри Исабель Роснер.

6 мая 2013 года в преддверии празднования Великой Победы в научной библиотеке им. С.Бейсембаева Павлодарского государственного университета им. С.Торайгырова состоялся вечер памяти известного казахстанского писателя, ветерана Великой Отечественной войны, Народного героя Республики Казахстан, лауреата Международной премии имени А.Фадеева Касыма Кайсенова.

 The Rector of Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraigyrov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Serik Omirbayev congratulated the veterans, noting that the 9th of May is a national holiday celebrated throughout the former Soviet Union for nearly 70 years . "During the years of the Great Patriotic War, our grandfathers and fathers fought bravely at the forefront, not sparing their lives in the name of our bright future. Each of you has made a valuable contribution to this Great Victory, you all showed unfadable act of courage. We bow down to you, dear veterans!", said Serik Omirbayev.


The Rector also fulfilled an honorable mission of expressing congratulations to the veterans on behalf of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Zhumagulov with wishes of good health and longevity.


A special performance was prepared for the veterans by the Student Philharmonic of PSU named after S.Toraighyrov. Wartime songs were performed by Yertis Zhuldyzdary and Altyn Dauys ensembles.



Caring about the veterans, respecting the memory of those no longer with us are the primary civic duties of every citizen of Kazakhstan. On that day, the veterans received congratulations, flowers, gifts and financial support.



 Akim of the region Yerlan Aryn noted the historical significance and profound content of the first edition of the Encyclopedia of Pavlodar Region written in the Kazakh language. As he stated in his speech at the presentation ceremony, “the Encyclopedia of Pavlodar Region was published to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Pavlodar region. 4000 scientific and educational articles were included in this edition. The main peculiarity of this book is that it contains the information of not only regional, but also national importance”.


This edition of the encyclopedia contains both well-known and previously unknown historical facts about the different periods of development of the region. It also gives information about prominent personalities of Pavlodar region, our famous compatriots whose lives and active public, social and political activities represent a valuable cultural and historical heritage for the grateful descendants.


The Rector of Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraighyrov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Serik Omirbayev noted the active role of this higher education institution in the cultural life of the city and the region. According to him, the Scientific and Practical Center of History and Ethnography named after E. Bekmakhanov previously published encyclopedias about the life and work of our famous compatriots Mashkhur Zhusup Kopeyev and Sultanmakhmut Toraighyrov. “The Encyclopedia of Pavlodar Region in the Kazakh language is the result of a joint work of the Centre and the main editorial board of the Kazakh National Encyclopedia. Let me congratulate all the patriots of our land on the publication of this invaluable historical tome", concluded the Rector of PSU named after S. Toraighyrov.


Upon completion of this important commemorative event, Akim of the region Yerlan Aryn proposed to prepare encyclopedias of Pavlodar city and Bayanaul area following the example of a collaborative work of Pavlodar State University and the main editorial board of the Kazakh National Encyclopedia.




6 мая 2013 г. в концертном зале Павлодарского Государственного университета им. С.Торайгырова состоялся благотворительный концерт, организованный инициативной группой студентов ПГУ им. С. Торайгырова для сбора средств на операцию восемнадцатилетней Алине Сафроновой (диагноз ДЦП).

 The delegation of Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraighyrov represented by the Rector, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Serik Omirbayev, Vice-Rector for Innovations and New Technologies, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Nurlan Yerzhanov, Deans and Heads of Departments of the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Energy Engineering visited the compressor rooms, operator's rooms, commodity laboratory, workshops and other parts of the plant. The excursion was conducted by the Director for Social Problems of PPP LLP Altyn Imantayeva.


During this meeting the following problems were discussed: implementation of dual education and interaction of the University with the largest industrial enterprises in Kazakhstan, which is one of the basic parameters of the Bologna process, as well as a powerful factor for the formation and strengthening of the European labor market, where the emphasis in teaching students is shifting towards practical training.


According to the General Director of Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant LLP Shukhrat Danbay, the implementation of large-scale projects within the State Program of Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development of the Economy dictates the demand for the specialists of a new formation. “The dual system of professional education is now recognized as the most effective and widely used form of training in the world”, said Shukhrat Danbay.


The Rector of PSU named after S.Toraighyrov Serik Omirbayev suggested that the cooperation between the University and PPP must be carried out in three directions. The first direction implies professional training of not only Bachelors but also Masters. The second direction is professional advancement and skills update programs. Since PSU is an innovation-oriented university, the third direction is the development of joint research projects. This year only, the University develops 27 scientific and research projects within the programs of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Besides, the laboratory facilities of Pavlodar State University will be re-equipped according to the demands of Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant LLP, so that the employers could participate in the development of professional standards and educational programs of the University, which will help to establish a mutually advantageous cooperation and get highly-qualified specialists, trained in accordance with the requirements of PPP, said Serik Omirbayev.


As a result of this meeting, a bilateral memorandum of cooperation between Pavlodar State University named after S.Toraighyrov and Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant LLP is planned to be signed, which will allow carrying out efficient training of specialists meeting the interests of the state, the employee and the company.



03 мая 2013 года в ПГУ имени С.Торайгырова состоялась научная студенческая конференция «Новые религиозные движения и безопасность Казахстана: взгляд молодёжи».

Opening the festive event, the Rector of Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraighyrov, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Serik Omirbayev praised the professional and personal qualities of one of the oldest employees of the University.


Amangeldy Nurzhauov is the first Candidate of Engineering Sciences in Kazakhstan, the first and only Doctor of Science in Wheeled and Tracked Vehicles in RK. Besides, he is a member of the Dissertation Council of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering at the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic for a fixed consideration of theses for the degree of Doctor (Candidate) of Sciences in engineering specialities.


Amangeldy Nurzhauov is the author of more than one hundred scientific papers, including articles, monographs, textbooks, teaching manuals, methodical guidelines, which became the chief academic help in the difficult task of machine work.


Another important achievement of Amangeldy Nurzhauov is immeasurable respect of colleagues and students, universal recognition of his outstanding achievements in science. The ceremony was attended by the Deans of faculties, Heads of departments and structural units of the University, colleagues, and many students of Amangeldy Nurzhauov. In their congratulatory speeches, all of them noted such qualities of Amangeldy Nurzhauov as attentiveness, tactfulness, benevolence, ability to listen to the interlocutor.


Amangeldi Nurzhauov's colleagues from other faculties describe him as a talented musician, a man of generous and open heart, and a pleasant companion.



Старший преподаватель кафедры зоотехнологии, генетики и селекции агротехнологического факультета Павлодарского государственного университета им. С. Торайгырова Бибигаим Кусанова прошла курс повышения квалификации в Московской государственной академии ветеринарной медицины и биотехнологии им К.И.Скрябина.

Doctor of Engineering Sciences, HAC Associate Professor, full member of the Academy of Social Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Professor of the Department of Mathematics at Pavlodar State University named after S.Toraigyrov Meyram Hamitov taught many generations of talented mathematicians, his former students are now working in various critical areas of the region and the country.


Meyram Khamitov is the author of over 100 scientific and educational works, five monographs, two collections of tasks (in co-authorship), a textbook in mathematics in the Kazakh language.


In his Candidate's thesis, Professor Khamitov developed a unique solution of the decimal period of differential equation system.


The Rector of Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraighyrov, Doctor of Economics Sciences, Professor Serik Omirbayev stated in his congratulatory speech: “Your professional career in the field of mathematics and education is a great example of a person harmoniously combining the best properties of a professional, scientist and citizen”.


The Deans, members of the teaching staff, graduate and undergraduate students of the University, his many students, associates and colleagues warmly congratulated him. In his answering speech, Meyram Khamitov stressed that he has never felt any regret about dedicating his life to science and the University.


His contribution to the development of educational system of the region was highly appreciated. He was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Lebyazhye area of Pavlodar region; he also has the Veteran of Labour medal.


Meyram Hamitov is now 75 years old. As a professional fully devoted to the science, he still supervises the scientific works of graduate students in Mathematics and continues working at the Department of Mathematics at PSU named after S. Toraighyrov.



This activity has already become a tradition, it is carried out within the program of landscaping, improvement and sanitation of the city. Its purpose is to attract attention of people, especially students, to the problem of planting trees and shrubs in the city of Pavlodar.


The problem of landscaping the University area is a constant concern of PSU administration.


This year, Pavlodar State University has developed a new program for planting trees and shrubs on the areas of the University: “Improving the Environmental Situation by Increasing the Green Areas”. Under this program, it is planned to plant more than 30 pine trees. The specific feature of the new program is a mandatory planning of landing sites taking into consideration the species of the trees.


Landscaping of all settlements and cities is now an urgent problem. This work is now carried out by young people and students. “Such activity makes the city cleaner, better, more comfortable and environmentally friendly for new generations of Pavlodar residents”, said Associate Professor of the Department of Agrotechnology Abai Shakuov.


The Vice-rector for Facilities Management Askar Shaymerdenov welcomed the participants of the program of University area landscaping. “Today we have gathered here for a very good and important activity. I believe that every person has a mission in his or her life to plant not one tree, but as many as possible. If each student plants at least one tree in spring and fall, our city will soon become not only the most beautiful but also the most green and comfortable for living”, said Askar Shaymerdenov.