History of the faculty

Faculty History

The Faculty of Finance and Economics was founded in 1993 as the Faculty of Business and Management. The need to create a faculty was justified by the transition of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan to a market development path. In the period from 1993 to 1997, the first economic specialties were opened - "Organization of production in construction", "Organization of production in mechanical engineering", "Accounting and audit", "Organization of production in industry". From 2001 to 2004, the Faculty of Finance and Economics functioned as the Institute of Economics and Law.

In 2014-2015, the Department of Law was attached to the Faculty of Finance and Economics, in connection with which the faculty was renamed the Faculty of Public Administration, Business and Law, in the 2015-2016 academic year, the specialty "Political Science" was attached to the faculty.

At present, the Faculty of Economics and Law is one of the largest faculties of the Pavlodar State University. S. Toraigyrov, both in terms of the number of specialized specialties and the number of students studying.

The faculty is headed by candidate of legal sciences, Kolesnikov Yury Yuryevich.

The following main processes of the quality management system are defined in the activities of the faculty:

- educational and methodical process;

- research process;

- educational process.

The preparation and qualification assessment of specialists at the Faculty of Economics and Law is carried out by highly qualified teaching staff:

- doctor of economic sciences, professor Sadykov E. T., candidate of legal sciences, Kolesnikov Yu. Yu.; Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor Shelomentseva V.P., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor, Associate Professor of Economics Ernazarov T.Ya.;

- Candidates of Economic Sciences Dontsov S.S., Khismatullin R.A., Kunyazova S.K., Kaftunkina N.S., Titkov A.A., Musina A.Zh. and others.

- Candidate of Legal Sciences Zhetpisov S.K., Doctor of Law, prof. Akhmedzhanova G.B., Ph.D. in Law, Associate Professor Olzhabaev B.Kh., Ph.D., Associate Professor Voronova T.E., Ph.D., Associate Professor Musabekova N.M.

Most teachers of the departments of finance, accounting and audit are certified trainers of the international educational corporation PRAGMA.

The main achievements of the faculty are:

- leadership in the market of regional education in terms of the quality of training students of an economic profile;

- obtaining certificates of state registration of rights to the object of copyright of the Committee for Intellectual Property Rights of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- a high level of social protection of students (provision of educational grants, discounts, material assistance to orphans and the needy);

- a high level of methodological support of the educational process based on credit (non-linear) learning technology;

- annual implementation of contractual research projects jointly with the leading enterprises of the region with the involvement of students of economic specialties;

- publication of the research journal "Bulletin Toraigyrov University";

- annual participation and prizes of faculty students in republican, regional and regional subject Olympiads, international conferences.

The student team of the faculty is a multiple winner of the annual regional Olympiad in Economics.