History of the faculty

The Faculty of Agricultural Technology was established in 2009 based on the Rector’s order. It has 3 departments and employs 44 academic staff members, including 4 Doctors of Sciences and 21 Candidates of Sciences, 2 Ph.D.s, 13 Masters. 61 per cent of all academic staff members hold advanced academic degrees. Average age is 45.

The Faculty of Agricultural Technology offers 3 Bachelor's degree programs in agriculture (Agronomy; Livestock Products Technology; Forest Resources and Forestry), 2 Bachelor's degree programs in engineering and technology (Biotechnology; Food Products Technology) and Master's degree programs in 6M072700 Biotechnology, 6M072700 Food Products Technology, 6M080100 Agronomy and 6М080200 Livestock Products Technology.

The Faculty also offers a number of sub-programs aimed at deepening of students' knowledge and enhancing their employment opportunities:

15B080100 Agronomy (full-time, part-time and distance modes of learning)Field Crop Growing
Horticultural Crop Growing
25В080200 Livestock Products TechnologyAnimals Feeding and Keeping Technology
Selection in Animal Breeding
35B080700 Forest Resources and Forestry (full-time, part-time and distance modes of learning)Forestry
Park Facilities and Landscape Design
45В070100 BiotechnologyFood Biotechnology, Agricultural Biotechnology
55В072700 Food Products TechnologyTechnology of Milk and Dairy Products
Technology of Meat and Meat Products, Food Technology in Catering Industry

In the year of the Faculty's establishment, total number of students amounted to 240. In 2015, it reached 572.

550 of them are full-time students (284 students have their courses taught in Kazakh and 266 - in Russian).

There are 22 part-time students (2 of them study in Kazakh and 20 in Russian).

436 students are grant-holders, 136 are enrolled on a fee-paying basis.

There are 17 Master's degree students, including 11 grant-holders.