Achievements of the Department

One of the top-priority tasks of the Department in the field of quality assurance is improving the organization of research activities among the academic staff members, ensuring involvement of students and lecturers.

Lecturers of the Department of Philosophy and Culturology, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor M.Zh. Kozhamzharova, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences, Associate Professor G.G. Akhmetova, Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor G.K. Zhapekova, won the competition in the Fundamental and Applied Research category held by the MES with the project entitled “New Religious Movements in Kazakhstan”.

The Department works in close cooperation with the Regional Scientific and Practical Center for the Study of Inter-ethnic and Inter-confessional Processes established on November 3, 2011. The website (Rukhani Alem) was developed in 2013.

In the 2013-2014 academic year, lecturers of the Department published over 25 research papers co-authored by undergraduate and postgraduate students majoring in Culturology and Philosophy.

A.O. Bektemisova, a Master's degree student, had a research internship at F.M. Dostoyevskiy OmSU (February 18-25, 2013); I. Madaniyev and Z. Baybakina had a research internship at Moscow State University of Culture and Arts.

Students of the Department took part in the regional academic competition in Culturology held at Al-Farabi KazNU where they won the 2nd prize (2014).

 The Department is working closely with other educational institutions and centers, both inside Kazakhstan and beyond. Members of the Department also work in close cooperation with the University of Göttingen (Germany) and Mongolia State University.

Master's degree students majoring in 6M050100 Sociology are regularly sent to leading foreign educational and scientific organizations for research internships financed by the national budget.

Place in the ranking of educational programs among Kazakhstan universities (5B020400 «Culturology» )