Achievements of the Department

Achievements of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Standardization

1 Teaching and learning

The Dual education system is actively used in teaching and learning at the Department's branch at KSP Steel LLP of the Students of  groups: MZH-301.

The main advantages of the dual system:

- the dual system bridges the gap between theory and practice;

- business leaders are interested in high-quality training of students considering them as their prospective employees;

- the Department gets feedback from companies which helps develop the curriculum in such a way that it would reflect all key requirements of potential employers;

- students get hands-on experience in working with modern equipment.





Photo 1 - Training sessions at the Department's branch at KSP Steel LLP

In 2016 groups  SC 402 specialty 5B073200 - Standardization and certification Suenova M.R. got a scholarship of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



2 Academic mobility

The department implements external and internal academic mobility of students and undergraduates.

In 2021, in the 6th semester, students of the Mj-301 group, specialty 5B071200 – Zhasau Machine, were sent to the Karaganda State Technical University for online training.

In 2021, to give lectures (online) at the State University named after Shakarima G. Semey was sent a master's degree in the discipline "Sapa zhuyeleri", senior lecturer Tusupova S.O. and Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor Denchik A.I. was sent to the Karaganda State Technical University in the discipline "Technological processes of machine-building production".

Undergraduates of the MMc-12p, MMc-22n, MMr-22n groups undergo scientific internships at Novosibirsk State Technical University, Omsk State Technical University, Kazakh Agrotechnical University named after S. Seifullin, Astana, Shakarim State Technical University of Semey; Karaganda State Technical University, St. Petersburg Polytechnic Peter the Great University.

Every year, students from Karaganda State Technical University study in groups in the specialty 5B073200 – Standardization and certification for academic mobility.

At the expense of the state budget, financing by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan from October 16, 2022 to February 19, 2023 (30 credits), two students of the SSM-302(c) group Ertysbaeva A.E. and Dugina L.S., as part of the implementation of the academic mobility program under the educational program 6B07501 "Standardization, certification and metrology (by industry)" studied at the University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy (University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy), in the city of Sofia (Bulgaria).

Photo - Academic mobility of students, Bulgaria, 2022

Doctoral students Yevtushenko T.L. and Bazenov G.M., studying under the educational program "8D07101 - Mechanical Engineering", completed scientific internships in the Russian Federation in Cheboboksary - at the N.I. Ulyanov ChuvSU University (2020), in Moscow - at the Bauman Moscow State Technical University (March 2022).

Photo - Doctoral students of the department on internship at Bauman Moscow State Technical University, 2022

In addition, teachers are also sent on academic mobility. According to Order No. 3.1-06/568 dated 09/16/2022 "On business trips within the framework of the Erasmus+ project", to participate in the working meeting of the Erasmus+ project No. 585849 – EPP-1-2017-1- UK-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP ASIAXIS "Improving University teaching on thermal power systems for a cleaner environment with parallel with improvements in the development of PhD skills" (ASIAXIS), Professor Kasenov A.Zh. was sent to Rome (Italy), to the Palazzo Brancaccio Palace from 07.10.2022 to 12.10.2022.

3 Research work

In February 2021, a grant was received for the implementation of a scientific and technical project on the topic "Research and design of resource-saving metal-cutting tools" for 2021-2023 in the amount of 45,234,543 tenge, scientific supervisor A.Zh. Kasenov, performers are young scientists of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Standardization.

In December 2020, she defended her PhD thesis in the specialty 6D071200 – Mechanical engineering Tusupova S.O.

Work on the conclusion of contractual works with enterprises continues. For example, a presentation on a wind power plant is being prepared at the enterprise of JSC "ERG Service" with the subsequent possibility of concluding a funded contractual research, scientific supervisor I.A. Shumeyko.

Contract No. 1642/1 dated 05.01.2017 was signed between S. Toraighyrov PSU and DAFA LLP on the topic "Design, repair and diagnostics of agricultural and transport equipment", the requested amount of funding is 10,000,000 million tenge for 2017-2021.

According to the Roadmap, within the framework of cooperation with the enterprise "Prommashkomplekt" LLP, at the expense of this enterprise, the repair of the B-210 auditorium "Specialized auditorium of "Prommashkomplekt" LLP and "R.W.S. Wheelset" LLP was carried out (the opening of the auditorium took place in September 2018) with the subsequent equipping of the manufactured products of the enterprise "Prommashkomplekt" LLP.

The certificates of introduction into production were received: in Prommashkomplekt LLP, the repair and tool section of the results of the research of the master's student gr. MMet-24p Istratova E.S., scientific supervisor Professor Denchik A.I., in PF Casting LLP, the introduction of the measurement methodology (MVI). Photometric method determination of silicon and phosphorus in carbon steel from a single attachment, graduate student gr. MMet-24p Regular V.I., scientific supervisor assoc. prof. (assoc.) Kasenov A.Zh.,

4 Professional development

From 2019-2023, all teachers of the Department of "Mechanical Engineering and Standardization" underwent advanced training. Joint passing of advanced training has become an annual tradition of the department.
In 2023, special attention was paid to the issue of advanced training of specialists of the department in the innovative educational program 6B07151 - Mechanical engineering and reverse engineering, teachers took courses on "Modern trends in the design of non-standard equipment based on reverse engineering", "Methods and measuring instruments. Control and diagnostics of production processes".

 5 Cooperation with companies and organizations

In 2015 academic year, signed a cooperation agreement with PB RSE "KazInSt", LLP "Polymer" MSPE "Pavlodar engineering college." An agreement on the establishment of a branch of the department and the base PB RSE "KazInSt".

For several years the department works closely with the Department "Technology of Machine Building" of Karaganda State technical university ( joint publication of papers, scientific seminars, and others.). The department works closely with enterprises of JSC "Pavlodar Machine Building Plant", PB LLP “KSP Steel”, IE "Firstov AA" (approval of the catalog of elective subjects, the defense of the graduation projects, execution of orders for the implementation of research projects, holding practical, employment of graduates.

Engaging employees PB LLP "KSP Steel", JSC Pavlodar Petrochemical Plant, Pavlodar Machine Building Plant - branch of JSC "ERG Service", JSC "Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant", PB RSE "Kazakhstan Institute of Standardization and Certification" as reviewers, etc.).. Cooperation with other enterprises of Pavlodar, Ekibastuz and Aksu (long-term contracts to carry out field trips, execution of orders for the implementation of R & D).

6 Participation of students in social work and research activities

Students of 5B073200 - Standardization Metrology and Certification, group SMC-201 Abisheva Makhabbat and Soltanova Alia received respectively diplomas of II and III degree of participation in the International scientific conference of young scientists, graduate students, students and schoolchildren “XVI Satpayev readings", Pavlodar, 12.04.2016 city, the supervisor associate  professor Musina Zh.K.

At the student design Bureau of Mechanical Engineering and Energy on the basis of a specialized cabinet "Metal cutting tools"

In the 2015-2016 academic year, students of the department carried out the state budget project for student research works "Jas Galym» 100 000 tenge. Name the project "Design and development of prefabricated structures and composite tool heads", supervisor Dudak N.S., performers: Istai T., Ospantayev A., Panarina A. ME-402; A. Akhmetova, Kayipov I., S. Miller, Rakhim R. ME-302; Zhanbulatova L. ME-202; Mazhit A. SMS-201; Suenova M.  SMC-302.

Students groups: SMS-402 Almyasheva O.Yu., Akhmetova U.E..; SMC-302 Suenova M.R. from 13 to 16 April 2016 participated in the VIII Republican interuniversity subject Olympiad among students majoring 5B073200 "Standardization, Metrology and Certification" in Karaganda State Technical University (Karaganda), supervisor senior teacher Markova S.Yu. Transmitted a letter of thanks to the Rector of S.Toraighyrov PSU, Orsariyev A.A. "For an active high school students participated in the VII Republican interuniversity Olympiad". Presented letters of gratitude to senior teacher Markova S.Yu. students Almyashevoy O.Yu., Suenova M.R., Ahmetova U.E. "For active participation in the VII Republican interuniversity Olympiad".

Students groups ME-401 Ergibaev A.B., Temirbolat D.Zh., ME-402 Yevtushenko T.L., Miller S.A. ME-302 from April 20 to 22, 2016 took part in the Republican Olympiad on specialty 5B071200 - "Mechanical Engineering" among higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2016 in InEU (Pavlodar), scientific advisor associate professor Kassenov A.Zh.

Ergibaev A.B. ME-401 (scientific supervisor associate professor Kassenov A.Zh.) received a II degree diploma for participation in the Republican Olympiad on specialty 5B071200 - " Mechanical Engineering" among higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2016 in InEU (Pavlodar). Students Temirbolat D.Zh., Yevtushenko T.L., Miller S.A. received certificates for participation in the Republican contest.

Place in the ranking of educational programs among Kazakhstan universities (5В071200 — Mechanical Engineering,)

Place in the ranking of educational programs among Kazakhstan universities (6M071200 — Mechanical Engineering,)