Educational Activities

The educational work of the department «Personal Development and Education» is considered as an integral part of the professional and personal development of future specialists and is carried out with the aim of developing patriotism, active citizenship in students, preserving and enhancing moral, cultural and scientific values in the conditions of modern life, preserving and reviving traditions university.

Currently, the ideology of society poses new tasks for higher education in the training of specialists. In recent years, the educational process has rightfully become one of the priorities of educational organizations. The social order of the state to educate an educated, enterprising person, ready to make independent decisions in any situation, is reflected in the annual Address of the President of the Republic to the people of Kazakhstan.

Educational work is carried out in accordance with the objectives and principles defined by the «Concept of educational work of Toraighyrov University». The main educational work with students is carried out by advisors of academic groups. Advisors of academic groups work closely with students, promptly resolve all issues that arise, monitor the attendance and performance of academic groups, monthly analyze the results of midterm control, and help in resolving personal problems.

At the beginning of the academic year, first-year advisers are familiarized with regulatory documents, the mission of the Toraighyrov University and the Internal Regulations of the University Campus.

The main work of the department with students is related to ensuring high quantitative and qualitative indicators of academic performance.

As the analysis showed, the systematic work of advisers and the department as a whole on issues of academic performance and attendance affects the quality indicators of academic performance and, ultimately, the safety of the contingent. Individual cases of academic failure are resolved routinely in collaboration with the dean’s office. Daily attendance monitoring plays a special role in maintaining the student population, which directly affects student performance. An important factor in the good academic performance of holders of state grants is the opportunity to receive increased scholarships; for contract workers, the opportunity to study with discounts on fees for excellent studies. For this purpose, advisors carry out constant information and explanatory work.

Finding ways to improve educational work with students involves the development of student initiative and closer relationships built on the basis of cooperation. Group advisors constantly maintain contact with students, parents and teachers.

The effectiveness of educational work can also be assessed by the level of education of students. The results of observations and conversations with students show that no problems were identified in forming a positive attitude towards studying, towards others, towards work, towards oneself. Good relationships in the team of teachers, lecturers and students give a positive result in the formation of a favorable climate in student groups, as evidenced by the observations of advisers and conversations with students.

Work in the direction of «moral education» is implemented through advisory hours on the topic «Acquaintance with the Internal Regulations of the Toraighyrov University Campus», participation in charity events, fundraising for orphan students.

Labor education and career guidance work includes the following activities:

- student volunteers go to city schools to meet with alumni;

- participation of students in cleaning and improvement of buildings and territory of the university;

- conversations with graduate students about further studies in master’s programs;

- advisory hours.

In addition, the development of professional interest is facilitated by such annual events as «Autism Awareness Day», «Psychologist’s Day», «Social Worker’s Day», participation in olympiads, competitions, debates, round tables, forums, etc.

Work on legal education provides for the participation of students in a ten-day period on the prevention of crime among youth, the organization of meetings with law enforcement officials in Pavlodar, and legal education. Advisors of academic groups conduct thematic advisory hours that reveal the legal direction of educational work.

The participation of students in university-wide and city-wide events contributes not only to solving educational problems, but also to the formation of a positive image of educational programs. In order to prevent drug addiction and AIDS, thematic advisory hours and conversations are held. To develop a healthy lifestyle, advisory hours are held aimed at preventing smoking, and students take part in sporting events.

During the year, the teaching staff of the department participates in organizing the participation of students of the department’s educational programs in all events held at the city level, university level, and within the educational program. So students take an active part in holidays, public events:

- Health Day;

- Initiation as a student;

- Psychologist's Day;

- Social Worker Day;

- AIDS Day;

- meetings with representatives of public organizations;

- citywide events dedicated to the Day of State Symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- subbotniks.

Particular attention is paid to the teaching staff of the department to conduct duty on the University Campuses. According to the schedule, the faculty's teaching staff systematically makes raids on the dormitory in order to check the sanitary condition of the rooms and compliance with internal regulations.

In general, students observe the rules and order; there are no violations or comments.