Erasmus+ project «Internationalising Master Programmes in Agriculture via English Medium Instruction (IMPROvE _AGRO)»


The project is dedicated to solving an urgent task – strengthening regional cooperation between Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russia and the EU in the field of training specialists for agriculture and forestry through the internationalization of master's programs and the development of interinstitutional partnership.

This task is conditioned by the need to modernize and improve professional knowledge in the partner countries in accordance with the demands of the international, national and regional labor markets, improve the quality of graduate training, as well as solve key problems of environmentally sustainable development and life safety of the regions. The project unites the efforts of universities and organizations in Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Germany, Great Britain and Greece.

Kazakh National Agrarian Research University acts as the university coordinator of the project. Toraighyrov University is directly involved in its implementation as a partner.

Project duration

2020 - 2023 (extended to 2024)


- From the EU side: Prof. Dr. Matthias Hutz, Pedagogical University (Freiburg, Germany);

- From the EU partner countries: Abdramanov Abzal Askarbekovich, Kazakh National Agrarian Research University (Almaty, Kazakhstan).



- Pedagogical University, Freiburg, Germany (project coordinator and subcontractor from the EU)

- Aston University, Birmingham, UK

- Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece

- Tyumen State University, Tyumen, Russia

- Altai State Agrarian University, Barnaul, Russia

- Krasnoyarsk State Agrarian University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

- Kazakh National Agrarian Research University (Kazakh National Agrarian University), Almaty, Kazakhstan (coordinator of the consortium from the EU partner countries)

- - Toraighyrov University / S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University, Pavlodar, Kazakhstan

- National University of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

- Mongolian University of Natural Sciences, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

- LLC «Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering», Tyumen, Russia

- Tobolsk Complex Scientific Station, Tobolsk, Russia



Prof., Dr. Matthias Hutz

Pedagogical University (Freiburg)

Institute of English Studies,

Kunzenweg str., 21





Abdramanov Abzal Askarbekovich

Head of the International Rating Department,

Kazakh National Agrarian University

Research University

050010, Almaty, , 8 Abay Avenue



Issaeva Kuralay Smetkanovna,

Head of the Department of Biotechnology,

Toraighyrov University,

140008 Pavlodar, 64 Lomov str.

Tel.: 8 (7182) 67-36-85 (12-94 ext.)







Erasmus+ project «Internationalising Master Programmes in Agriculture via English Medium Instruction (IMPROvE _AGRO)»


The Erasmus+ project «Internationalising Master Programmes in Agriculture via English Medium Instruction » (IMPROvE _AGRO). The implementation of project activities is carried out in accordance with work packages (WP), each of which is associated with a specific goal of the project.

WP 1. Preparatory activities for the launch of the project: FUE, TSU

1.1. Legal framework of the Consortium

1.2. Launch of the WP 2 project. Development of methodology and strategy for modernization of Master's degree programs (MP) in the field of agriculture and forestry: AU, TSU, KazNAU

2.1. Formation of interdisciplinary Working Groups (WG)

2.2. Creation of a knowledge pool for modernization and internationalization of selected modules/courses within the framework of the WP

2.3. Development of methodology for modernization of modules/courses in order to teach them in English (English Medium Instruction -EMI).

2.4 Determination of the strategy for integrating EMI into the teaching of master's degree programs in SHiL.

WP 3. Formation of an interuniversity interdisciplinary team (Task Force) for the modernization of curricula: AUTH, AU, PSU

3.1. Professional retraining of English language teachers in the field of modern EMI and CLIL techniques.

3.2. Professional development of academic staff of partner universities - specialists in the field of the methodology of application of EMI and CLIL approaches.

3.3 Modernization of the learning environment in the partner universities of the consortium.

WP 4. Development / modernization of training modules/courses for Master's degree programs in the School of Economics (AUTH, KazNAU, KSAU, MULS)

4.1. Coordination and approval / curricula and programs

4.2. Development/modernization of ECTS-based courses by interdisciplinary working groups.

WP 5. Capacity building for interactive distance learning (FUE, KGAU)

5.1. Creation of a digital platform for distance learning

5.2. Creation of an inter-institutional electronic library of educational resources in English,

RP 6. Implementation of the developed modules/courses/MP (MULS, ASAU, KazNAU)

6.1. Integration of the developed courses into the curricula of partner universities and their teaching in the mode of Blended/Distance Learning based on EMI.

WP 7. Effective quality control and monitoring of the KGAU, FUE, PSU, NUM project

7.1. Implementation of the quality assurance plan

RP 8. Successful dissemination of project results (PSU, NUM, TSU)

8.1. Wide dissemination of project results

WP 9. Effective project management (FUE, TSU)





Erasmus+ project «Internationalising Master Programmes in Agriculture via English Medium Instruction (IMPROvE _AGRO)»


• 3 information resources on the project profile; a corpus of special texts and terms in English;

• 8 new/upgraded Master's degree programs in agriculture and Forestry;

• 24 new modules/courses with relevant teaching materials developed and taught in English (EMI);

• 12 modules/courses adapted to distance learning;

• guidelines for working with an educational internet platform;

• open access to developed online resources;

• implementation of the developed courses in English into other educational programs, for example, bachelor's degree, advanced training courses, etc.






Erasmus+ project «Internationalising Master Programmes in Agriculture via English Medium Instruction (IMPROvE _AGRO)»










Erasmus+ project «Internationalising Master Programmes in Agriculture via English Medium Instruction (IMPROvE _AGRO)»




Project management



Erasmus+ project «Internationalising Master Programmes in Agriculture via English Medium Instruction (IMPROvE _AGRO)»




Quality control



Erasmus+ project «Internationalising Master Programmes in Agriculture via English Medium Instruction (IMPROvE _AGRO)»


Quality control of educational products and constant monitoring of project implementation are an important priority for the consortium. The issues of methodology of processes and quality assurance tools were discussed by the partners at the first working conference dedicated to the opening of the project in March 2020 and are constantly being improved.

The main working documents defining quality control activities are the following:






An international Quality Control Group (QCC) has been established, including representatives of relevant departments and academic staff of all partner universities.

In each of the consortium member countries, a Group of external experts has been established, which includes representatives of the agricultural sector.