Educational and methodological work

As of September 2022-2023 academic year, the teaching staff of the department is 27 people, including 5 professors, 4 associate professors (associate professors), 5 PhD doctors, 11 senior teachers, 3 teachers, 1 methodologist.
In due time, in all disciplines of the specialty, teaching materials are prepared by the beginning of the academic year.
Every year, according to the plan for publishing educational and methodological literature, teaching aids and textbooks of the teaching staff of the department are published.
Open classes and mutual visits are held annually. Video lectures are recorded.
Educational and methodological complexes and a case were prepared for the subjects in accordance with the new standard program A1, A2, B1, B2, C1. In the disciplines, the educational and methodological complex and the case have been completely updated.
In the process of teaching language disciplines, along with the traditional platform, OpenU, additional learning formats are used. Among them are well-known educational platforms Skyes university and Eduardo.
The teachers of the department use a wide arsenal of methods, among which the main preference, due to the specifics of the disciplines taught, is given to information and communication technologies. Among them are Internet resources: YouTube, audio recordings, podcasts: I-tunes, Sound Cloud; fragments of lectures, speeches, documentaries containing the studied grammatical structures and lexical units: TED, Documentary Heaven; News (excerpts): CNN, BBC, World Service; Vocaroo, authentic lyrics and more.
Along with the above resources and technologies, teachers of the department use the ZOOM platform when teaching the pronunciation side of speech - speaking, developing oral skills.
In practical language classes, educational-methodical and electronic manuals of teachers of the department are used.
In order to improve the knowledge of students, teachers of the department conduct consultations in accordance with the schedule of classes.
The educational and methodological council of the department holds seminars in accordance with the plan once a month. Scheduled open lessons are held. In order to exchange experience at the department, teachers visit each other's classes.