Educational programs



1.1  Graduate qualification

The graduate of the educational program "Mechanical Engineering" (scientific and pedagogical) is awarded the degree "Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)" in the educational program 8D07101 - Mechanical Engineering.


1.2  Qualification characteristics of a graduate of an educational program:

The areas of professional activity of the graduate are the field of science and technology related to engineering industries.


Objects of professional activity: engineering enterprises; research organizations of any type, organization of technical and vocational education, providing training and retraining of personnel in the field of mechanical engineering.


The subjects of professional activity are technological: the development of technological processes for machining  detailss and assembly; design: design of process equipment, cutting tools, process and tool tooling, non-standard equipment; operational: operation and repair of equipment of machine-building plants; research: study of the quality of technological processes, technological characteristics of equipment, advanced processing methods, promising types of equipment, etc.; organizational and management: organization and management of production processes; information and computer: creating engineering software.


Types of professional activities: production-technological, organizational-management, design, research and information-computer.


2        Educational Program Results

A graduate of this educational program will have:


Knowledge and understanding:

- to know the basic concepts, laws and methods of engineering activities in mechanical engineering;

- to know the main technological processes of machine-building production, their hardware and level of automation, their impact on the environment and human life (safety and labor protection, industrial safety), economic aspects of production.


Application of knowledge and understanding:

- perform engineering calculations using the basic provisions of physics, chemistry, mathematics through information technologies;

- apply the basic concepts, laws and methods of research of technological processes and materials to solve production tasks, technological preparation of production in everyday situations.


Formation of judgments:

- to draw conclusions on the quality of performed works based on the results of engineering calculations and research of technological processes and materials, to find options for further solutions, to compile reports on the results of performed works.


Communicative abilities:

- work in the team;

- to present the results of the decision in the form of reports and reports to professional and unprofessional audiences.


Learning skills or learning abilities:

- to independently master and analyze new information on the development of technological processes and the design of new machines and units, methods of research of technological processes and materials.


Cooperation with scientific and educational organizations, business partners, social partners and organizations

In 2021, the Memorandum and plan of Joint Activities of the Pavlodar branch of RSE "KazStandard" and NJSC "Toraigyrov University" on technical regulation, standardization, ensuring the uniformity of measurements were concluded.


For several years, the department has been working closely with the following educational organizations: Karaganda Technical University, Shakarim State University from Semey, East Kazakhstan Technical University named after D. Serikbayev, Kazakh National Agrarian Research University (pre-defense of dissertations, joint publication of works, scientific seminars, Olympiads, academic mobility, scientific internship, etc.).


For several years, the department has been working closely with foreign universities Czech Technical University, Lublin Polytechnic University (Poland), N.E. Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Moscow), Saratov State Technical University named Yu.A. Gagarin, Chuvash State University named I.N. Ulyanov, Bratsk State University, Riga Technical University University (joint publication of works, academic mobility, scientific internship, etc.).


Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor A.S. Yanyushkin, from Chuvash State University named I.N. Ulyanov, is the foreign supervisor of doctoral dissertations.


Department closely cooperates with enterprises of JSC "ERG Service", Pavlodar branch of KSP Steel LLP, Aksu Ferroalloys Plant - Branch of TNK Kazhrom JSC, Kazakhstan Aluminum JSC, Kazakhstan Electrolysis Plant JSC, Pavlodar branch of RSE KazInST LLP, Pavlodar Metal Structure Plant - Imstalcon LLP, Pavlodar Control and Diagnostics Center LLP, Dafa LLP, Regional Scientific and Practical Center - Sistema LLP, (carrying out professional practices, employment of graduates, approval of Syllabus, participation of employees from enterprises in the development and coordination of modular educational programs, advanced training of professors and teachers of department, etc.)