Resources and Facilities

Laboratories of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Standardization (job training workshops of the Faculty of Metallurgy, Mechanical Engineering and Transport) are equipped with universal and specialized equipment (30 units in total, including 7 machines with CNC and TDM-305 welding machine). The Department has enough computers for performing its everyday activities.

There are the following laboratories: Laboratory of Metrology and Testing, Universal Machines Laboratory, Universal and Special-Purpose Machines Training Laboratory, NC Machine Tools Laboratory, and training workshops; as well as the following specialized classrooms: Mechanical Engineering Technology and Metal-Cutting Instruments.

Universal and NC Machines Training workshops

Photo 7 - Students' laboratory work on Determining Detail's Surface Roughness, Laboratory of Metrology and Testing (B-107B)

Photo – Classroom of  machine tools with numerical control. Drilling and milling machine with CNC 

Photo – Classroom with machine tools with numerical control. Lathe with CNC

Photo - The Cabinet of metal cutting tools

Information and Methodological Support and Library Services

Library resources and study guides developed by the Department members are fully available for all courses of 5В071200 Mechanical Engineering and 5В073200 Standardization, Certification and Metrology programs, both in Kazakh and Russian.

With 50 years of experience in specialists training, high-quality learning and teaching resources and facilities, and top-level academics, the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Standardization has all necessary conditions for training competitive engineering personnel for the rapidly-developing industrial sector of the national economy. Organization of the educational process is based on 2 key factors: technological progress and developing market relations.

These factors are essential for training modern specialists who would be able to adapt to ever-changing conditions.