Цели в области качества

Uahitov Zh.Zh – general management of the department, responsible for career guidance; Kamkin V. A. – responsible for research work, norm control in the Russian language of the department, anti-plagiarism; Ermakova O. A. – responsible for UMKS in the specialty  6B08301 "Forest resources and forestry"; Kakezhanova Z.E. – responsible for UMKS in the specialties 6B08101 – "Agronomy", Mustafaeva N. B. – responsible for UMKS 7M08101 "Agronomy"; Kasanova Zh. B. – responsible on behalf of, for practice in the specialty  6B08301 "Forest resources and forestry"; Sarbasov A.K. – responsible for educational work; Shalabaev B. A. – responsible for practice in the specialty 6B08301 "Agronomy", employment of graduates of the department; Almisheva T. U. – responsible for mutual visits and open lectures, normcontroller in Kazakh, book provision of the department; Kozhakhmetova F.M. – responsible for the QMS of the department, secretary of the department meeting.

Timely execution of 100% of planned activities. 100% compliance with labor discipline. To ensure the passage of advanced training courses for teachers - 2.

To bring the average academic performance of students assigned to the department to 4.5 points; to develop multimedia lectures on the subjects taught - 6. Academic mobility - 2.

Develop textbooks, teaching aids - 2, conduct scientific seminars - 3; open classes - 12; mutual visits - 12. To carry out the preparation of ElUMKD - 100%. To conclude cooperation agreements with FIIR – 2 enterprises; to expand the base of practices - to conclude contracts with 4 farms; to provide training for students in the specialty 5B080100 "Agronomy" on the basis of a branch of the department in LLP "Pavlodar Agricultural Experimental Station" - 20% and in the specialty 5B080700 "Forest resources and forestry" in LLP "Gorzelenstroy" - 20%, LLP "Aktogay-Agro"-20%.

Provide a volume of 30 publications, including those with an impact factor - 2. Participation in tenders and applications for budget research programs - 6. Participation in grant programs and contractual projects - 2. Participation in organizing and holding conferences in ToU.

To ensure 100% participation of teaching staff and students in educational activities of the university. To hold thematic curatorial hours – 10 hours.

To provide the laboratory with equipment: purchase of a printer - 2, a computer - 4. To make visual stands on the subject of crop production - 2.

Conduct career guidance work with graduates of schools and colleges in the region - 5. Ensure 100% employment of graduates. Publication of career guidance articles in newspapers - 1.