Достижения в области качества

) Associate Professor Kamkin V.A. and senior lecturer Shalabaev B.A. prepared a project application for a competition for grant funding for scientific and (or) scientific and technical projects for 2021-2023 with a implementation period of 12 months (MES RK) on the topic: Study of the introduction potential of medicinal plants of the North-east of Kazakhstan. The application is at the stage of formal verification in the NCNTE.

2) Kamkin V.A. carried out scientific guidance on agricultural research No. 091/3 dated October 12, 2020 on the topic "Inventory of medicinal plants of the BGNPP"

3) Kamkin V.A. is a member of the working group on Agricultural research No. 59 dated November 19, 2020 between the NAO "Toraigyrov University" and the Department of Sports and Tourism of the Pavlodar region on the topic "Development of a concept for the development of year-round tourism in the Pavlodar region until 2025" as a senior researcher from November 19, 2020 to December 25, 2020.

4) Kamkin V.A. is a member of the Environmental Council of the Pavlodar region and participates in the development of the landscaping program of the city of Pavlodar.

5) Altybayeva A.K., Shalabaev B.A. and Mustafayeva N.B. are members of the working group on the ERASMUS+ IMPROVeE program on the topic "Internalization of Master's degree programs in agriculture through English-language education".

6) Askarov S.U., Kakezhanova Z.E., Altybayeva A.K. perform contractual research on the topic "Provision of services for scientific support of the agricultural management system in ASTALAGRO LLP".

7) Mustafayeva N.B. performs contractual research on the topic: "Provision of services for the production of vermicompost by earthworms for soil fertilization" in the Timur farm

8) Kakezhanova Z.E., Mustafayeva N.B. is a member of the research group on research and development of the PCF of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 12 months on the topic "Development of soil mixtures based on vermicompost and their impact on crop yields".

9) M. Leshchinsky, a master's student of the MAgr-12n group, participated in a competition for crediting startup projects "Flower Shop".

Participation in methodological and scientific seminars

The staff of the Department regularly participated in methodological seminars and webinars on the ZOOM platform on the following topics:

- Rules for conducting final control and certification online;

- Requirements for electronic UMKD

- Rules for checking anti-plagiarism and copyright protection;

- Modern methods of digitalization in the educational process.

Associate Professor Kamkin V. A. held a scientific and methodological seminar on the ZOOM platform for employees of the Bayanaul State Agricultural University on the topic "Prospects of medicinal plant growing in the Bayanaul district" as part of a contractual research project on the topic "Inventory of medicinal plants of the Bayanaul State Agricultural University".

Every week Kamkin V.A. takes part in the methodological meeting of the working group on the program "Development of the concept of year-round tourism development in the Pavlodar region until 2025" with the participation of representatives of the regional akimat.

Professional development:

Kakezhanova Z.E., Altybayeva A.K. successfully passed the KazTest with confirmation of language proficiency at the C1 and B1 levels

The teaching staff of the department (Abeuov S.K., Beisekeeva A.K., Mustafayeva N.B., Kasanova Zh.B., Kakezhanova Z.E., Almisheva T.U., Shalabaev B.A., Ermulatov A.A., Ermakova O.A.) underwent advanced training under the program "Hi-Tech management" in the amount of 72 hours.

Senior co-author Kakezhanova Z.E. and Kukusheva A.N. received an author's certificate: "Workshop on fruit growing in Northern Kazakhstan" computer program, copyright certificate No. 15801 dated March 10, 2021;

- senior teachers Mustafayeva N.B. and Kasanova Zh.B. prepared a team in the specialties 5B080100 "Agronomy", 5B080700 Forest resources and forestry" and took part in the XII Republican Student subject on-line Olympiad

- the contingent of students at the beginning of the academic year was only 172 students on the basis of the CCA, 160 of them studying under the grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 16 students on a contractual basis, 16 undergraduates in the master's program, including 13 people under the grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and 6 people under the contract.