For the seventh year, students of S.Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University undertake an internship in Germany.

This year, the training center of the Academy of Agriculture "DEULA-Nienburg" - one of the leading partners of the Faculty of Agricultural technology again opened the door for our trainees.

At the internship, students got acquainted with the work of German agronomic and livestock complexes, the latest technologies for modern agribusiness, and modern brands of agricultural machinery.

The selection of applicants is conducted both from the university and the host side and takes place in several stages. Foreign employers pay special attention to stress resistance, level of knowledge, focus on results and knowledge of foreign languages.

After completing the distribution procedure, students live and work for six months on various farms that specialize in animal breeding, crop production, growing fruit trees and more.

“Practice in Germany allows you to look at the profession of an agronomist with greater responsibility. I was lucky to work with people interested in preserving nature, in particular the climate. Everything that is grown in greenhouses is completely organic, without the use of chemicals. “Climate changes” and “fridays for future” movements are very popular in Germany, which call for protecting the planet and preventing climate change” said Aigerim Khisamitova, a 3rd year student at the Faculty of Agricultural technology.

Aigerim notes that agritourism in Germany is very developed. She practices at the "Hof Grafel" greenhouse complex, where visitors come from all parts of the country. This place is different in that guests can pick fresh fruit and vegetables.

“Talking with them is very exciting. Even the simple visitor can be a great professional. So, for example, I met with the video designer of the Marvel films”, A. Khisamitova says.

Students plan to end the practice with an entertaining trip throughout Europe.