Scientists of Toraighyrov University took part in an event dedicated to the anniversary of a famous person.


- Spiritual personality is brought up by spiritual values.  A special role in the formation of these spiritual values ​​is occupied by the teachings of Gabdul-Uakhit, - said Akim of Pavlodar region Asaiyn Baikhanov.

 More than 20 yurts with various treats were placed near the mausoleum.  At the festive site, the guests got acquainted with the products of fюcraftsmen.

 The program of the second day of the holiday, which was held at the Khazret mausoleum, located near the Arbigen village in Shcherbakty district, included performances by the trio "Adai", the dance ensemble "Sherniyaz", the orchestra of Kazakh folk instruments named after Rustembek Omarov.

 It should be noted that an international scientific and practical conference was held at the university in honor of the anniversary of four famous representatives of the Pavlodar region - the 170th anniversary of Gabdul-Uakhit Khazret, the 165th anniversary of Mashkhur Zhusup, the 130th anniversary of Sultanmakhmut Toraighyrov and the 100th anniversary of Muzafar Alimbayev.

 - I think that each of us is  obliged to carefully preserve the heritage of our ancestors and increase it.  It was a pleasure today to listen  to friends and colleagues who have joined our work from Astana, Almaty, Shymkent and Turkey.  All of them recognize the skill of famous natives of the Irtysh region and diligently study their works.  As they say, without the past there will be no future, - said the rector of the university Yerkin Sadykov.