Amergaly Ilyashevich Begimtayev
Scholastic degree
Candidate of Political Sciences
Scholastic degree
Associate Professor
In 1984, Amergaly Ilyashevich graduated from the academic program in Industrial Heat Power Engineering at Pavlodar Industrial Institute. In 2010, Amergaly Ilyashevich successfully defended his dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Political Sciences.
Professional experience
18 years
Subjects taught
Politics and migration, methodology of political science, modern political movements, applied political science, prosecutor's supervision, environmental law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, banking law of the Republic of Kazakhstan, legal protection bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Scientific publications
1.Migration potential of Kazakhstan in the conditions of the modern geopolitical situation (regional aspect) // Bulletin of the Eurasian National University named after L. N. Gumileva. Political science series. Regionovedenie. "I'm sorry," he said. Turcology. No. 1 (142)/2023. - pp. 156-165 DOI: 2.State and development prospects of villages in Kazakhstan: sociological analysis. // Vestnik PGU. The series is humane. №1. - 2019. - pp. 110-117 3.Introduction of the phenomenon "Homo soveticus" to the creation of Kazakhstanis: presentation of the transformational process // Bulletin of PSU. The series is humane. No. 4. - 2019. - pp. 114-124. 4.The Fourth Industrial Revolution and digitalization as prospects for the future // Vestnik PSU. The series is humane. No. 3. - 2019. - pp. 86-95. 5. Social trust in modern Kazakh society. Abdikakimov M. T. Bulletin of PSU. Humanitarian version. No. 2. - 2018. - pp. 148-163.
Field of scientific research
political sciences
Awards, diplomas and certificates
1. Diploma for participation in the international practical conference "Young teacher: adaptation and professional development" 2019 2. Modern trends in socio-humanitarian sciences (72 hours, 2018) 3. Intercultural communication and migration processes in the Pavlodar region (72 hours, 2019) 4. Modern problems of the formation and operation of law (criminal and civil law orientation) (72 hours, 2019) 5. "Rukhani zhangyru"bagdarlamasy ayasynda Kazakhstan madeniyetinin damu tendentiyalary" (72 hours, 2019) 6. Mixed learning in modern education (72 hours, 2020) 7. Current problems of teaching philosophy and cultural studies in mixed education (72 hours, 2021) 8. Language, society, culture: aspects of interaction (72 hours 2021) 9. Management in education (72 hours, 2022)
Room number, building
Lomov street, 64 А-334
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