The Department is responsible for teaching basic and special courses within the following programs: 5В071300 Transport, Transport Equipment and Technology, 5В090100 Organization of Transportation, Traffic and Transport Operation and 6М071300 Transport, Transport Equipment and Technology. There are teaching complexes for all courses in accordance with the regulatory requirements.

Members of the Department's academic staff are authors of textbooks, teaching and study guides, computer programs and inventions. They have received more than 70 author's certificates and published over 1000 works devoted to research and teaching. Members of the Department are active participants of national conferences held both in our country and abroad.


The Department has all necessary resources and facilities to ensure high-quality of training, including:

- inertial test bench for testing tractor clutches;

- test bench for studying transmissions;

- analog-to-digital measurement system;

- test benches for testing internal combustion engines;

- test benches with electrical equipment of automobiles and tractors;

- test benches with fuel equipment.