History of the department

The history of the formation of the department «Metallurgy»

The history of the department's formation dates back to 1982. Since the organizational work on the admission of students to new specialties and their training was started a few years ago and the students had already approached graduation, in September 1982, at the Pavlodar Industrial Institute (PII), by the decision of the Academic Council of the PII, the graduating departments «Machines and metal forming technology» and «Machines and foundry technology».

 Thus, the first graduation in the specialties «Machines and Technology of Foundry Production» and «Machines and Technology of Metal Forming» took place literally in the next 1983 in the amount of 69 specialists - foundry workers (33 people) and blacksmiths-stamping workers (36 people). The most famous of this issue is Idrisov A.B. is the owner of an International Consulting Company.

The first head of the department was the former chief engineer of the Aksu ferroalloy plant, candidate of technical sciences, professor Druinsky Mikhail, who headed the department from 1982 to 1994.

In 1990, the department was reorganized into two: «Technology of metals and foundry production» and «Materials science and metal forming».

In 1996, by combining two related departments, the department «Foundry and Metal Forming» was created.

In 1998, further enlargement was carried out by merging with another department and the department «Technology and equipment of mechanical engineering» was formed.

In February 2000, the interuniversity department «Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering» was created between the two universities of PSU named after. S. Toraighyrov and Pavlodar University.

At the end of August of the same 2000, the department «Metallurgy and mechanical engineering» was abolished and the teaching staff was returned to the department «Technology and equipment of mechanical engineering».

In September 2001, by the decision of the Academic Council of the PSU. S. Toraighyrov, the department «Metallurgy» was created. The head of the department was appointed Ph.D., Professor  Suyundikov  Merkhat, who led the department until 2022.

Over the entire history of the functioning of the department, training has been carried out in 8 specialties of higher education: “Machines and technology of foundry production”, “Machines and technology of metal forming”, “Metallurgical machines and equipment”, “Metallurgy of ferrous and non-ferrous metals”, “Metallurgy ferrous metals”, “Metallurgy of non-ferrous metals”, “Metallurgy”, “Technological machines and equipment”.

In 2000, the department opened a master's program in the specialty «Machine-building technologies and equipment», and in 2003 - «Metallurgy» and a little later a master's degree in the specialty «Technological machines and equipment».

In 2019, a doctoral program was opened in the educational program 6D07201 «Metallurgy», which marked the presence of a full cycle of educational activities at the department in accordance with the education system existing in our country.

In 2021, a dissertation council was opened to defend dissertations for the PhD degree in the specialty 6D07201 Metallurgy.

To date, the Department of Metallurgy is one of the largest and leading in the industry of training specialists in the mining and metallurgical sector of the country's economy. Over the years of its existence, the department and its staff have trained more than 2000 specialists.

The department has a laboratory, which includes educational and research laboratories, as well as a training and production workshop. In the educational and research laboratory there are various laboratory facilities, melting and thermal furnaces designed for the full conduct of the educational process of students, undergraduates and research work of teaching staff, doctoral students in metallurgical processes.

At the department in different years worked: Ph.D. Gorst A.O., Ph.D. Porokhnya V.M., Ph.D. Serzhanov R.I., Ph.D. Sommer L.R. , Ph.D. Kusherbaev E.M., Ph.D. Artamonov V.P., Ph.D. Nikitin G.M., Ph.D. Suleimen E.B., Ph.D. . Biyakaeva N.T., Ph.D. Shabenov K.K. and etc.

Heads of the department in different years:

1.      Druinsky M.I. (1982 - 1994);

2.      Gorst A.O. (1994-1999);

3.      Nikitin G.M. (2000);

4.      Suyundikov M.M. (2001 - 2022);

5.      Zhunusov A.K. (From 2022 to the present)