History of the department

The department was founded on February 10, 2014 as a result of the reorganization of the departments of Foreign Philology and Theory and Practice of Translation. The department conducts training in the following educational programs: Foreign Philology, Translation Studies (Bachelor's Degree), Foreign Philology, Translation Studies, Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages ​​(specialized and scientific-pedagogical magistracy), Foreign Philology, Translation Studies (doctoral studies). Students are taught in the state and Russian languages ​​in full-time education on the basis of CCE and SPE, distance learning on the basis of SPE and HPE. The department employs highly qualified specialists in the field of theory, practice and methods of teaching foreign languages ​​and translation. The department is headed by Associate Professor Ainagul Tanyrbergenovna Kabbassova. The staff of the department includes:

4 Professors: Zhumabekova B.K., Zhumasheva A.Sh., Kairbaeva A.K., Saurbaev R.Zh.

3 associate professors: Kapenova Zh.Yu., Pogozheva E.Yu., Khudieva S.R.

masters of philology and pedagogy: Azylbekova G.O., Baitemirova M.Zh., Borankulova B.E., Konstantinova O.S., Gafiatulina Yu.O., Zhuravleva E.A., Klyushina Z.V., Madeeva A. A.

The teachers of the department are members of various professional associations: NATEK, KazTEA, the Union of German Language Teachers in Kazakhstan, etc. The staff of the department works on the problems of language comparison, written and oral, informative and literary translation and teaching methods, intercultural communication, models of education abroad, gender linguistics, developmental education, foreign language didactics. Faculty, students and graduates of the department take an active part in international educational programs, regularly travel abroad for training and internships. The department has agreements with specialized educational institutions and organizations of Pavlodar and Pavlodar region.


Department contact information
Department of Foreign Philology
Pavlodar, 64 Lomov Str., room. 252
Tel.: 67-36-31, ext. 1346
Head of the department 8 (7182) 673625 (int. 12-92)