The republican campaign “45 minutes about anti-corruption policy” was completed at Pavlodar State University.

The organizers were the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan for Civil Service Affairs and Anti-Corruption in cooperation with NARXOZ University.

Experts of the Law Department, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Professor Serik Bastemiyev and Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Professor Bulat Olzhabayev acted as lecturers.

Bulat Habdullinovich told about the main reasons and methods of fight against corruption, paying special attention to the improvement of criminal and administrative anti-corruption legislation.

“There is a need for education of responsibility and civic consciousness in the young generation. It is necessary to strengthen measures to prevent the corrupt facts and create an atmosphere of zero tolerance for any manifestation of corruption in society”, B. Olzhabayev emphasized. 

In conclusion, it was noted that modern anti-corruption policy is based on a rational combination of the “Education - prevention – punishment” model.