A round table meeting on the theme of “Mass media as a formation instrument of “zero tolerance” for offences in society and anticorruption consciousness in the minds of people” was held at S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University.

The event was organized by the Committee of Communication, Informatization and Information at the Ministry of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Institute of European Law and Human Rights.

The representatives of civil society, non parliamentary organizations, state authorities, law enforcement authorities, institutions of science and education, mass media of the city and the oblast participated in the round table meeting.

“The State has to follow the principle of “zero tolerance”, underlined the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in his “Strategy “Kazakhstan 2050” Message. Supremacy of Law and the Constitution of Kazakhstan, enhancement of the judicial system and the state machinery are the main directions of institutional reforms and further more effective protection of constitutional rights of citizens. Acting in accordance with the Message of the President of Kazakhstan, the participants of the seminar discussed problems of institutional reforms realization, offences prevention, corruption occurrence in society and access to information.

According to the moderator of the event, doctor of juridical sciences, professor, the chief editor of the “Human and Law” republican newspaper Marat Bashimov, mass media are the main formation instrument of “zero tolerance” for offences in society and anticorruption conscience development. “The cooperation of mass media, civil society and state authorities is important in struggling with law disturbers, corruption occurrence violating constitutional rights of citizens”, underlined Marat Sovetovich.

The work experience of Media Center of PSU in the sphere of corruption struggle, maintenance of publicity and control of the University’s activity, increase of officials’ responsibility for anticorruption legislation observance, strengthening the public trust in the University’s staff and prevention of corruption among the teaching staff was examined during the round table meeting.

According to the chairman of the “Birlik” Student Assembly of PSU, Ramil Smailov, in the course of the year the Anticorruption Program in the University is realized through thematic lectures, conferences, round tables, campaigns, press conferences, forums, seminar-trainings et al. In the period of winter examinations the “Pure Session” campaign is held by the tradition at the University, also a helpline functions. “Besides this, our Media Center is the strongest one among university media centers in the region; it maintains the media coverage of our activity”, says Ramil.

The Media Center of S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University, which includes a laboratory of educational television, the editor’s of the “Bilik” and “SMS+” student newspapers, “PSU-FM” student radio, provides media support for all events. For the purpose of counteracting corruption offences the employees of the media center create special videos, which are broadcasted in the foyer of the University. Announcements of Anticorruption campaigns are constantly broadcasted by “PSU-FM” radio. The “Stop Corruption!” division, providing necessary information concerning anticorruption activity, has been created at the educational portal of the University.

The participants of the round table meeting showed great interest in experience of the Media Center of S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University, considering it as a method of increasing of effectiveness of anticorruption program realization activity of universities.