According to the decision made by the Accreditation Board of Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency for Education (IQAA) on December 21, 2013, S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University passed the institutional accreditation and was accredited for a period of 5 years.

The main purpose of implementation of the standards and criteria for institutional accreditation is to assess the quality of educational organizations' activity, vocational and educational programs to improve the competitiveness of the national system of vocational education.

The effectiveness assessment was carried out based on the following criteria: compliance of the mission, objectives and tasks of the University to the objectives and tasks of the national education system, development of the country and the region; correspondence of the mission to the existing management system of the educational organization; participation of the students, teaching and auxiliary staff members in working out of the mission, objectives, tasks, strategic and current planning; results of the educational institution aimed at improving the quality of learning, etc.

According to the Rector of Pavlodar State University, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Serik Omirbayev, the significance of the national accreditation system is determined by many factors. “Creating a multi-level system for education quality assessment is one of the trends of the Bologna process. Therefore, the accreditation process is necessary for the use of foreign experience in the education system of Kazakhstan. This is one of the key requirements for integration into the international educational space”, noted Serik Omirbayev.