Toraighyrov University hosted an international scientific conference "Great sons of the Kazakh people", dedicated to the 170th anniversary of the historical figure Gabdyluakhit Khaziret Tilenshiuly, the 165th anniversary of Mashkhur Zhusup Kopeyev, the 130th anniversary of the poet Sultanmakhmut Toraighyrov and the 100th anniversary of the poet Muzafar Alimbayev.

 Yerkin Sadykov, rector of Toraighyrov University, delivered an opening speech at the plenary session: “Today, the great sons of the Kazakh people were remembered at ToU.  We devoted the international scientific-practical conference to the anniversaries of four well-known representatives of Pavlodar region.  These outstanding personalities did a lot for the cultural and spiritual development of the Kazakh people.  It is also thanks to them that our country is known far beyond its borders.”

 The guests were also welcomed by Deputy Head of the Department of Culture, Development of Languages ​​and Archives of Pavlodar Region Sayauysh Saduakasov and Akim of Shcherbakty District Azilkhan Abeuov.

 The conference was attended by representatives of leading Kazakhstan and foreign universities, domestic philosophers, culturologists, historians and other scientists engaged in scientific research on the heritage of the great sons of the Kazakh people.

 Reports were made by experts from Astana, Almaty, Shymkent, Turkey and Germany.  All of them recognize the skill of famous natives of the Irtysh region and diligently study their works.

 The conference was devoted to topical issues of spirituality, cultural values, the role of science in Islam and the role of personality in history.  They also discussed the spiritual activities of the great Kazakh uluses in the name of educating society.