The results of the “Best Scientist” award in 2021 have been summed up.  50 scientists from six research institutes and sixteen universities became the winners.  Each of them will receive a certificate and an award in the amount of 2000 MCI, that is 5 million 834 thousand tenge

575 applications have been sent for the competition in the areas of natural sciences, engineering and technology, medicine and health care, social and human sciences, agricultural and veterinary sciences, etc.

Among the winners of the award is Albina Anesova, Associate Professor of the Department of Trilingualism, Toraighyrov University

All criteria for evaluating scientific achievements were developed in cooperation with the scientific and expert community.  The presence of an academic degree and title, scientific publications, monographs, supervising of scientific projects and programs were taken into account.  At the same time, it is compulsory to teach at least one discipline at the university during the last year, as well as the preparation of a PhD in the last 3 years and participation in the work of advisory bodies on science.