Students of Toraighyrov University in the direction of “Tourism” and “Geography” are the winners of the student Olympiad "Tourism, Alga"!

The competition consisted of four stages: presentation, brain-ring, tourist projects “See Pavlodar Irtysh land - fall in love with Kazakhstan” and the fourth creative competition “Tourist Kaleidoscope”.

Ayaulym Abeldinova, Maral Kairly, Dauren Sharipov, Laura Smagulova, Malika Dzhanargalieva organized the “Voyage” team and presented an excursion project, where they created their own route around Pavlodar.  It was chosen by the jury as the most promising and attractive.

According to the results of all four stages, the “Voyage” team scored the maximum number of points and was recognized as the best.  The team was awarded with valuable prizes and gifts, certificates.