Faculty of Agricultural Science

The Faculty has the following well equipped laboratories established and designed for carrying out research work: Plant Biotechnology; Animal Biotechnology; the Laboratory of Zootechnology and Selection named after Academician K. U. Medeubayev; Zoological Analysis of Fodders and Animal Feeding; the Laboratory of Selection and Seed Breeding named after Ye. Sh. Shakhanov; Dendrology; Forestry; Food Safety; Food Products Technology, et al. The first three laboratories of above mentioned have been certified by the National Center for Expertise and Certification and render services on a fee-paid basis, providing a research protocol.

The Laboratory of Plant Technology is equipped with modern equipment.

The following works are conducted in the laboratory:

- diagnosis of plant virus diseases by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays;

- microclonal propagation of plants;

- healthy seed material obtainment;

- accelerated planting material propagation;

- DNA barcoding of plant species.

The Laboratory of Animal Technology is equipped with high-accuracy measuring microscopes, tools and reagents used for artificial insemination of animals and embryo transplantation, equipment complex and reagents for DNA analysis.

The following works are conducted in the laboratory:

- artificial insemination using sexed sperm;

- embryo transplantation;

- DNA purification from biomaterial;

- the detection of polymorphisms of animals’ target genes;

- the determination of DNA markers.

The Laboratory of Zootechnology and Selection named after Academician K. U. Medeubayev is equipped with the milk analyzer “Laktan 1-4 isp. 230”, the automated complex for milk analysis “Laktan 1-4 isp. 700”, the hematology blood analyzer “Mindray BC 3200” (China), the biochemical blood analyzer “Biochem” (the USA). 

The following works are conducted in the laboratory:

- milk quality determination;

- a biochemical blood test;

- a hematology blood test.

The scientists of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology carried out 8 projects supported by a special purpose grant in the years of 2011-2014. The projects were supervised by Sc.D.s T. K. Bekseitov, U. Kh. Almishev, M. Ayatkhan, candidates of sciences N. B. Burambayeva, B. A. Mustafayev, K. S. Issayeva, K. M. Omarova. Research results received positive reviews from experts. During 2012-2014 the funding research project “Creation of adaptable German Simmentals-based genotypes of livestock by biotechnological methods” supervised by Professor T. K. Bekseitov was carried out at the Faculty. 

In 2015-2017, scientists of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology are going to carry out four research projects supported by a grant from the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The supervisors are Sc.D.s T. K. Bekseitov, S. T. Abimuldina, candidates of sciences B. A. Mustafayev, K. A. Urumbayev.

Moreover, the Faculty’s scientists carry out projects supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan and funding researches together with large agricultural enterprises. 

Undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology are fully involved in research work. 92 % of diploma theses were written on the basis of experimental works carried out during students’ externships at leading enterprises of Kazakhstan and Pavlodar oblast. Besides that, they are involved in the teaching staff’s research works.

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