Ainur Oralovna Karipzhanova
Deputy Dean for Academic affairs
Scholastic degree
Candidate of Philological Sciences
Scholastic degree
S. Toraighyrov PSU Associate Professor
higher, S. Toraighyrov Pavlodar State University, the academic degree in 0307 Kazakh Language and Literature (1995)
Professional experience
19 years
Subjects taught
(taught in Kazakh) Methods of Teaching the Kazakh Language, the Fundamentals of Language Communication
Scientific publications
over 45, including the publications as follows (written in Kazakh): 1) Mashkhurtanu [Mashkhur Studies], a textbook (2011); 2) Kasybi Kazak Tyly [Professional Kazakh Language], a teaching aid (2014); 3) Frazeologiyalyk Konnotatsiyanyn Pragma-Kognitivtyk Aspektysy [Pragma-Cognitive Aspect of Phraseological Connotation], a monograph (2014); 4) Tyl Bylymynyn Ozekty Masselelery [Topical Issues of Linguistics], a teaching aid (2014); 5) Mashkhur Taghylymy [Mashkhur Lessons], (2010); 6) Yskerlyk Kazak Tyly [Business Kazakh Language], a teaching aid (2018); 7) Kazyrgy Lingvistika Tarikhy [History of Modern Linguistics], a teaching aid (2018).
Field of scientific research
Awards, diplomas and certificates
the award Best University Teacher, the award Best Senior Lecturer (2009), participation in publishing the scientific collected books as follows: Mashkhur Taghylymy I [Mashkhur Lessons I], Mashkhur Taghylymy II [Mashkhur Lessons II], Mashkhur Taghylymy III [Mashkhur Lessons III]. She has developed the following teaching aids: Mashkhurtanu [Mashkhur Studies], Uzylyssyz Pedpraktika [Continuous Pedagogical Practical Training]. She is the winner of the state grant Best HEI Teacher (2016).