Achievements of the Department

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Nurzhauov A.N. was awarded the academic title of Academician of the International Academy of Informatization (MAIN).

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor of the Department "Transport Engineering and Logistics" Toktaganov T.T. and Associate Professor of the Department "Transport Engineering and Logistics" Abishev K.K. received the title of corresponding members of the National Academy of Mechanical Engineering and Transport.

In the Republican contest of achievements in the field of invention "Shapagat, in the nomination "The most active inventor", PSU became the winner for the largest number of innovative patents and patents for inventions, one of the authors was Doctor of Technical Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, Professor A.K. Karakaev (1940—2023).

On April 21, 2021, the department participated as the organizer of the XIII Republican Subject Olympiad in the specialty 5B071300 Transport, transport equipment and technologies. The chairman was Professor Ordabaev E.K. Also in the commission was Ph.D., associate Professor Sembaev N.S., Professor Vasilevsky V.P., senior lecturer Suleimenov A.D.

As part of international cooperation in the training of specialists, students participate in exchange programs with foreign countries for trainings and scientific internships. Our department successfully took part in the ASIAXIS project (Enhancing University Teaching in Thermal Power Systems for Cleaner Environment with Parallel Improvements in PhD Skills Development), funded by the European Union, having established connections with Università Politecnica delle Marche (Ancona, Italy), University of Northumbria (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) and Universidad de Castilla - La Mancha (Ciudad Real, Spain).

PhD student, lecturer Zaripov R.Yu. received a grant for the development of R&D within the framework of the Business Roadmap 2020 program in the amount of 4 million tenge. The theme of the project is "Small-scale production of innovative mini-boats".

The research group under the leadership of Ph.D., Professor Abishev K.K., as part of Ph.D., associate Professor Sembaev N.S., senior teachers Mukanov R.B., Suleimenov A.D., teachers Zaripov R.Yu. and Esaulkov V.S. received a grant in the competition for grant funding for scientific and (or) scientific and technical projects for 2021-2023 (MES RK) in the amount of 37.5 million tenge. Project topic: Development and research of a multi-purpose vehicle

Senior lecturer R.B. Mukanov became a member of a research group that received a grant in the competition for grant funding for scientific and (or) scientific and technical projects for 2021-2023 (MES RK) in the amount of 48 million tenge on the topic "Research and design of resource-saving metal-cutting tools".

In 2023, Andrey Gofman, student of the department, under the guidance of Ruslan Mukanov, PhD, took 1st place at the XV Republican Olympiad in Powertrains of Transport Equipment held at the Academy of Transport and Logistics (Almaty).

Moreover, student Adilet Zhasymbekov under the scientific guidance of candidate of technical sciences, head of the department Nurbolat Sembaev, received a 2nd degree diploma at the VI international competition of student scientific works on the problems of development of the fuel and energy complex for his project themed “Development of power supply systems based on solar panels to supply electricity to rolling stock.”


Ranking of the educational program among domestic universities (6M071300 Transport Equipment and Technology)