Achievements of the department

1 Research work    

- publications of 5 articles of the KOKSNVO and 3 articles with an impact factor;
- publications in the International Scientific Conference "XXIII Satpayev readings", 2023 (12 teachers);
- Publications Materials of the MNPC "XIV Toraighyrov readings", 2022 (7 teachers);
- publications in the materials of foreign conferences (6 teachers);
- participation in a research project - 1 teacher (Kulak A.V.).

2 Professional development  

- English language course, NAO "TsU", 2022-2023, (4 teachers);
- obtaining an international license to serve basketball matches under the auspices of FIBA Erofeeva R.Zh.;
- taking PC courses at the basketball refereeing seminar (Stepanova N.M.).
11 teachers (Erofeeva R.Zh., Batyashova I.V., Krivets O.A., Temirgalieva S.E., Kuvatov A.Zh., Berkinov N.R., Kistaubaev E.A., Omarov T.S., Oraltaev E.R., Gilgeldinov S.E., Kulak A.V.).

3 Educational and methodical work    

- the work is 100% UMKD, El. UMKD – 100%;
- publication of teaching aids through the publishing house - "Togyzkumalak ulttyk oyiny" in co-authorship: Kuvatov Askar Zholdasbekovich, Baltabaev Yerzhan Sresdovich, Berkinov Nurlan Ruslanovich;
 - conducting 4 educational and methodological seminars.

4 Sports and mass work    

- together with the Directorate of Sports Facilities, 64 mass sports events were held with students, teaching staff and staff;
- were the organizers of zonal volleyball competitions;
- the men's basketball team took 3rd place in the National Basketball Student League;
- participation in the Summer Universiade in Aktau (5 medals) The year is 2023.


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