Campus # 1


(Campus No. 1, Tolstoy st., 101), consists of five floors, divided into three blocks. There are 162 rooms in total. Today, Campus No. 1 has 360 beds. Places in the campus are primarily provided for students from socially vulnerable strata of society, students studying on grants, also when settling with priority rights, students from other regions of Kazakhstan and abroad. Every year, by the decision of the Academic Council of the University, students from among orphans and those left without parental care are exempted from paying for living.





To organize the leisure of students, the campus has an assembly hall with a projection TV, cable TV is connected, there is a video and media library, which are regularly replenished, there is a computer class, a gym and tennis halls, and there is sports equipment. On the campus, summer sports grounds, a streetball court were built, a horizontal bar, a wall bars, bars, a snake were installed. There is a classroom to help resident students. There is a reading room. The campus is under 24-hour security and video surveillance. The campus has been landscaped with benches and flowers.

                                                                                                              "Campus No. 2"


       Campus No. 2 was put into operation on October 20, 2015. Located at: st. Ak. Chokin, 139/1. In total, Campus No. 2 has 220 rooms for 500 beds. Each room is equipped with a sanitary unit and a shower tray, a kitchen area with 2 hot plates, each room has the necessary furniture: beds, bookshelves, bedside tables, tables, chairs.



For the organization of students' leisure there is Wi-Fi, in the lobby there is a TV equipped with satellite broadcasting OTAU TV, a computer class works.

There is a laundry for residents. The campus is under round-the-clock security, video surveillance cameras are installed inside the premises and in the adjacent territory.

An electronic pass system is installed at the entrance. Equipped with a fire alarm system with a signal output to the watch. An automatic voice notification system was installed. There are more than 80 cameras on the territory of Campus No. 2, which allows watchmen and guards to carry out round-the-clock control. All living rooms and common areas are equipped with modern automatic fire alarms. Meetings are regularly held with residents and employees to observe fire safety rules by residents and to practice actions in emergency situations.


Places in the capmus are provided primarily to the following categories of students:

1) Students orphans

2) Students with disabilities

3) Students from a large family (4 or more children under 18)

4) Students from low-income families

5) Students from single-parent families

6) Nonresident students