Toraighyrov University students participated in the “Taza Kazakhstan” and “March of Parks 2024” campaigns.

 The clean-up event was held on the tourist route “Leshkina Tropa (Leshka's Pathway)” in the Sadykashchinsky forestry of the Shaldai branch of the SFNR “Ertis Ormany”.
 - Do good deeds like ToU students.  This week, students ot the Department of Agrotechnology took part in cleaning the road to the mausoleum of Gabdul Uakhit Khazret in the Shcherbaktinsky district.  Our youth gladly responded to the call of representatives of the "Ertis Ormany" reserve to make the pine forest cleaner,” noted the rector of the university, Yerkin Sadykov.

 A joint efforts were made out to clean up most part of the route after winter storms.