Toraighyrov University hosted an international scientific and practical conference on the scientific foundations of Mashhurology and the development of modern humanities.

Guests from Turkey, as well as the director of the Republican Information Center for the Study of Historical Materials at the Institute of Oriental Studies named after R.B. Suleimenov of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the general director of "Egemen Kazakhstan", professors of the departments of philology, journalism, and trilingualism of Toraighyrov University, were among the invited guests.

Rector of the university Yerkin Sadykov addressed the participants of the conference with a welcoming speech.

“Mashhur Zhusup not only strove to strengthen education, but also contributed to the development of the humanities. His works have become a precious heritage for the entire Kazakh society. We see how his ideas are being transformed into actions, inspiring new generations to study, self-improvement, and the pursuit of knowledge. Mashhur Zhusup is not only a name, but a symbol of national progress and the pride of our land,” said Rector of the university Yerkin Sadykov.

In the Pavlodar region, comprehensive research work is underway to preserve the cultural and historical heritage of Mashhur Zhusup Kopeev. His name bears the Central Mosque, and in 2006, a mausoleum was built on the site of the old mausoleum in his homeland. Today, this shrine is a cultural and historical landmark of the region, a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of people.

 Since 2004, a scientific and practical center has been operating at the university, the discipline of " Mashhurology" has been introduced, a 20-volume collection of works and an encyclopedia of M.Z. Kopeev, a collection of illustrated stories for children, and a three-volume book in Russian have been published, which included the best works and works that have never been published anywhere before. ToU is doing a lot of work to translate the works of Mashhur Zhusup into foreign languages, so that his invaluable works will be available not only to Kazakhs, but to the entire world scientific community.

The number of young researchers of the heritage of M.Z.Kopeev is growing not only in Kazakhstan, but also in America, Japan, and other countries.

On the same day, a ceremony of awarding jubilee medals of the "Mashhur Zhusup" foundation was held.