Within the framework of the Collaboration Agreement, the Omsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (OSC SB RAS), together with the research team from the Department of Economics of Toraighyrov University, held a business meeting at which they discussed issues of promoting the project AP19676924 “Development of technology and promotion of environmental branding of the industrial complex of the  region" (within the framework of grant funding from the Ministry of  Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan).


A  step-by-step algorithm for assessing the readiness of industrial companies in the Pavlodar and Omsk regions to implement eco-branding technology was detailed at the meeting.

 The ToU delegation presented the first results of a survey of representatives of stakeholders in the business environment.

 Diagnosis of key problems of sustainable development and environmental branding of industrial products in the future will allow teams of scientists from the OSC SB RAS and ToU  develop a program for scaling platform greening of production and branding in the regions of Kazakhstan and cross-border regions.