Mentoring has become a significant educational trend in recent years.  Between August 2023 and January 2024, a pilot project “Mentoring at ToU” was tested at the Faculty of Architecture and Construction.  Based on the testing results presented at the academic council, a decision was made to continue the project, the purpose of which is to provide support to young  university teachers in their professional formation and development, as well as the formation of a high-quality personnel reserve at the university.


The ToU Mentoring project is currently being implemented at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.
 Today, there was an open lesson with trainee teacher Aidana Beisembayeva (mentor - Professor Kuralai Isaeva, head of the Department of Biotechnology).  All invitees highly appreciated the work of the students from group TPP-302 in a practical lesson.
 Methodological support and remote communication of project participants is supervised by Bakhytzhan Ospanova, doctoral student at the Department of Personal Development and Education.
 The head of the HR service, Anara Zhakisheva, noted that by decision of the academic council, the project will be continued at other faculties.
 According to the project leader, professor, certified trainer Tina Manyapova, the mentoring space can be expanded not only at an separate university, but also in an inter-university and, more broadly, inter-country format.